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SmartClass+ Release 4.0 – A Video Overview

Perhaps the most significant new teaching tool being introduced in SmartClass+ language lab software Version 4.0 is
 SmartClass+ Talk, a new series of pronunciation exercises that use speech recognition technology to provide instant auto-grading feedback to students. Teachers can now select from over 56 language/localization options.  This means that:

  • Students improve their speaking skills faster
  • Teachers don’t need to manually review student recordings

SmartClass+ TALK pronunciation exercises with speech recognition, language lab software


On the technology side, SmartClass+ language lab software Version 4.0 now offers schools a new secure cloud-based hosting option for remote access to the SmartClass+ self-study assignment library.

  • Any-time, any-place support for students
  • Any-time, any-place support for teachers
  • Expanded teacher tools for exercise creation
  • Secure cloud-based hosting

Cloud-hosted database for SmartClass+ language lab software

SmartClass+ 4.0 Upgrades

  • New Clients: New SmartClass+ language lab clients will automatically have their systems installed with the latest version 4.0 language lab software release. 
  • Existing Clients: Current SC+ clients having a valid software maintenance plan will be able to upgrade to SC+ 4.0 for free at their convenience. (There is a nominal fee for the cloud-hosting service.) For further information on pricing and promotion, please contact your local dealer or your Robotel Regional Sales Manager.


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The first thing you’ll notice when using your
SmartClass+ Version 4.0 language lab software is the new graphical user interface (GUI) for teachers.  This has been completely updated and harmonized across the classroom (LAD) and self-study (MAD) portions of the system to ensure:

  • Ease of use
  • Simplified teacher training
  • Compelling fresh new look


New user interface for SmartClass+ 4.0 language lab software


“WiFi 4X-P” is an abbreviated way of saying that in SmartClass+ Version 4, performance over WiFi networks has been improved by a factor of 4 times!  This means:

  • More WiFi connections for students
  • Faster performance
  • Improved reliability