Service & Support for your Language Laboratory System

We work with your school’s language teachers, IT staff, administrative personnel, and district personnel to:

  • Identify expectations for your new language laboratory system
  • Ensure smooth integration with existing school networks and computing systems
  • Provide professional development for your teaching staff
  • Guarantee a timely, cost-effective, and successful language lab project roll-out

Our services include:

  • Project consultation
  • Installation support
  • Teacher training
  • IT technical training
  • Technical support
  • System updates
  • Free Consultation

Customer support:

+1 (450) 680-1448
+1 (800) 680-1448 Toll free Canada & USA

How can we help?

Professional Staff

  • VeronikaB

    Veronika Biskupova

    an experienced teacher is our training department manager for our language laboratory system.

  • Pierre Emond

    Pierre Emond

    an 18-year Robotel veteran is our director of after-sales services for language lab systems.

SmartClass+ Training

While we have striven to make the SmartClass+ language laboratory system extremely easy-to-use, teachers will require some training in order to become confident language lab system users.

We provide a wide range of training options that can accommodate everyone’s schedule, learning style, and budget:

  • On-site training
  • Online training
  • Web-based remote training in your language laboratory
  • Web-based train-the-trainer sessions
  • Webinars on selected topics


SmartClass+ is typically configured as a 100% software language lab solution that is integrated with a school’s existing networks, servers, and user devices.

Installing and configuring the SmartClass+ language laboratory system properly is a critical step to ensure proper operation.

Updates and Ongoing Support

You may have initially installed your SmartClass+ language laboratory system to operate with a Windows 7 environment – but your school may now be looking at upgrading to Windows 10, or adding a portable iPad cart, or even adopting a BYOD program with school-issued Chromebooks.  We are continually updating SmartClass+ to address both the changing technological playing field and the evolution of teaching practices.

SmartClass+ TALK, introduced earlier this year, is a good example of a major system update.  This new family of pronunciation exercises uses a cloud-based speech recognition engine – a form of artificial intelligence – to review and grade student speaking activities.  SmartClass+ language laboratories continue to evolve!

SmartClass+ language labs support all teaching & learning environments, and we shall continue to provide you with updated language lab software releases to help you reap the benefits of the changing technological landscape in a timely fashion.