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This Training video has been created to assist you with AP testing with SmartClass+ platform.

The following information has been released by The College Board:

As of the May 2017 AP® Exam administration, tape recorders will no longer be used for AP® Music Theory and AP® World Language and Culture exams. Schools will record students’ sight-singing and speaking responses using widely available digital recording technology and submit the responses as MP3 files via an online portal. The MP3 format will be the only file format accepted.

Schools currently using tape recorders will realize several key benefits as part of their transition to digital technology:

  • Higher-quality recordings
  • Recording technology that is familiar to students and may be incorporated into classroom instruction
  • Reduce risk of exam day recording issues

Additional information can be found in the 2016-17 AP® Coordinator’s Manual,

SmartClass+ is ready for AP® testing 2018!

The SmartClass+ digital language lab platform includes integrated support for AP® testing.
Student oral recordings for the Speaking portion of tests are automatically saved as MP3 audio files using the prescribed 12345678.mp3 format, and are grouped within a single folder for easy on-line submission.
Not only is AP® testing supported, SmartClass+ includes a unique AP® Testing mode with a highly-simplified user interface designed for test proctors (who are often infrequent system users). This ensures that when the pressure is on to run those World Language and Culture tests the first two weeks of May, everything will go smoothly.
SmartClass+ can help your school get ready for 2018 AP® World Language and Culture testing!

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