Let’s Talk! English
The new way to teach English

Engage your students in more speaking activities, simplify class preparation and free up more time with our ready-to-use EFL/ESL activities

Priced from 15$ per student/year

Let’s Talk!English is a complete teaching solution for ESL/EFL teachers

Content for ESL teacher

A complete English curriculum comprising 5 course levels

The curriculum is built on CEFR proficiency standards with 1 book dedicated to each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).

Digital ESL activities

A digital media library with more than 2,000 ready-to-use ESL activities

Many of our varied EFL/ESL activities emphasize on speaking and pronunciation with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Manage students and assignments

A platform to manage students, activities, assignments & grading

With our easy to use cloud-based platform, teachers can manage their classes from everywhere.

Lindsey Klein Let's Talk author

A word from our lead author

"Our solution will alleviate the workload of the teacher by having everything housed in one place. Instead of teachers having to be resourceful and pull from two books, three websites, two apps, etc., our hope is that this becomes an all encompassing curriculum that allows teachers to not have to juggle so many resources. "

Lindsey Klein
Lead author of Let's Talk!

How does Let’s Talk! English work?

1. Choose ready-to-use activities

  • Begin by choosing the EFL/ESL activities that you want your students to practice (writing, reading, listening, speaking) from one of the teacher handbooks.
  • Then, select the referenced number of each exercise in the digital library and assign it to your students.

With Let’s Talk! English, you can also create and customize your own exercises and personalize the curriculum for your students.


2. Assign activities to your students

When your activities are selected, assign them to your students. The students can:

  • Complete their work by connecting from the app on their laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Submit easily their work in an all-electronic fashion.

Students have 24/7 access to their assignments so they can work from home, in class or from any other Internet location.

3. Review your students’ work easily

Via our digital platform, you can:

  • Access individual student records in a single click.
  • Provide written and/or oral feedback for individual students.
  • Generate and export grade reports for each class.

Save time with auto-graded activities. 80% of the ESL activities are automatically auto-graded including pronunciation.

Etienne-Bouchard-president Robotel

Try before you buy!

What we offer in the trial package:
- A free trial for 60 days without any commitment (no credit card requested).
- Personalized support and training for your trial.

Advantages of Let’s Talk! English

english teacher

For the teacher

Save time with auto-grading and ready-to-use ESL activities. Focus on developing your students’ fluency.

english student

For the student

Improve your communication skills by engaging in exciting digital EFL/ESL exercices.


For the school

Save money and eliminate paper exercise books with very affordable licensing.

Our training team -Robotel

Our pedagogical support

Our training staff provide remote training via videoconferencing to help you with Let's Talk.

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