Education and language learning are very important to all of us, and between the 28 employees, we speak a combined 22 languages! English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Czech, Portugese, Italian, Polish, Arabic... just to name a few.

And our programmers “speak” more than 10 programming languages alone 😀.


Every year we get together for our Robotel Family Reunion to exchange ideas, celebrate our successes, reflect and work on how we can improve. While not all of us at Robotel are language teachers, we all believe in what we do

What brought us together is our passion for learning a foreign language and the importance of supporting and helping teachers in doing so. 

We believe that teachers have a lasting impact on students while they prepare them for the future.

This is not an easy task! Lack of time, limited resources, increasing demands and meeting individual student needs are well-known struggles in the teaching profession.

Teachers have to wear many different hats in the classroom in today’s world: parent, counselor, friend, psychologist, coach, role model, and the list goes on. It takes a lot to be a teacher and we understand these challenges.

That is why our SmartClass+ software is here to help you manage your students and time so that you can be all of these things while still doing what you love: teaching languages and immersing your students in foreign cultures. 

Short story

Robot-Robotel-white-blackIt was the year 1984

Two friends were working on a robot project, somewhere in Canada. Étienne Bouchard and François Larochelle had the idea to develop point-of-sale robots that interacted with clients in retail stores. 

Just shortly after they started their company (Robotel), the education system in Quebec started using personal computers in schools and they were in desperate need of a classroom management platform. Believing strongly in the importance of quality education, Étienne and François shifted their focus to develop their first software: Microselect. 

Over the next couple of years, Robotel grew quickly, with many of the first employees still working for the company today! Subsidiaries in other regions, such as the US, the Middle East, Africa and Asia were established so that educational institutions all over the world could benefit from the classroom management platforms developed. 

In 1995

The very first version of our renown SmartClass+ software was introduced to the world. 

Since 2010

The focus of the company has been the support of language teachers, coaches and instructors in their classrooms and students at home by allowing BYOD, enabling Wifi, providing both Android and iOS apps, supporting sign language, and launching the SCX (a service for school-to-school exercise sharing). 

In 2018

LTE-black-and-whiteRobotel also released their very first content.

Let’s Talk! English is a complete curriculum based on the CEFR framework for language teaching.

At that point, Robotel had grown not only within the technology and sales departments, but also started to hire some of the teachers that had been using their SmartClass+ Software in their own classrooms.

These teachers became authors of Let’s Talk! English. That is why we pride ourselves on having designed a full electronic English curriculum BY teachers FOR teachers.

Over 10,000 installations of our SmartClass+ have taken place in over 89 countries all over the world. 

And we are not done yet! Constantly improving our software is very important to us. After a first “face lift," we are still working on adding features to both the student and teacher interfaces. 

We are also currently working on our C1 level book as well as a conversation-only version of our English curriculum. Furthermore, we are hoping to be able to offer the conversation curriculum in German, Spanish, and French by the end of 2020, along with a web-browser version of our software. 

We are committed to serving language teachers and students every step of the way during their journey with our digital language teaching platform SmartClass+. 

Our commitment

We will continue to improve our innovative educational technology by listening to our customers' needs so that they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

We believe in the power of teaching with technology.

In the words of George Couros:

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational."

Our mission

Delivering solutions for language teachers to help their students improve ALL language skills and achieve greater fluency.

Our core values

Respect: Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our commitment.

Optimism: Success is about having the belief, positive attitude and dedication to make ideas happen.

Balance: Make a living. Make a life. Make a difference in this world.

Originality: Create! Innovate! Simplify! 

Teamwork: When we help and respect each other, great achievements are possible.

Excellence: Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intentional efforts.

Leadership: Leadership is empowering others to achieve more than they thought possible.