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Grow your business with SmartClass


  • We are a market leader in language teaching technology.

  • We offer a highly differentiated and competitive solution.

  • We pride ourselves on exceptional commercial, technical, and educational support.

  • We have a competitive margin for resellers and partners.

  • We extend an exclusive invitation to our annual Partner Summit.

Companies of all sizes trust Robotel to bring cutting-edge language-teaching solutions to schools, universities, and institutions.

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You are a good fit to join the Robotel partner network, if ...

The SmartClass language lab can be customized for any classroom.

... you sell Edtech solutions, such as AV equipment, IT infrastructure, or digital content for language teaching.

The SmartClass platform can be used with any device.

... you can reach K-12 schools, universities, and government institutions that focus on language teaching within your territory/network.

Maintaining a good relationship with all our partners is vital to our leadership in language technology.

... you value close relationships with the Ministry of Education and/or decision-makers in the educational sector.

Your sales force, access to schools, and in-house marketing department are vital to selling SmartClass.

... you have your own sales force, access to schools, in-house marketing department, and work in direct sales.

Let SmartClass by Robotel help you promote, sell, and service your  educational technology market.

... you are looking for a true partnership in promoting, selling, and servicing our language teaching solution and curricula that offers you a high margin as a reseller.

Our SmartClass training and service experts are available for a one-on-one session or in a group.

... you have the ability to service your customers when they need demos, installation, training, or ongoing support. 

Robotel Team

Our mission

We believe in transforming how languages are taught by combining a digital language teaching platform with educational content to provide students with enriched opportunities to practice speaking, gain confidence, and improve fluency in all language skills.

Our commitment

We will continue to improve our innovative educational technology by listening to our customers' needs so that they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

In the words of George Couros:

"Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational."

SmartClass by Robotel is committed to improve innovative educational technology with their clients.
The SmartClass team travels the world to meet with you and be there every step of the way.

Our partnerships

  • We work on a geographic exclusive partnership with our partner to co-develop the market.
  • We offer a flexible solution with language teaching courses, laboratory, and subscription options.
  • Our Language Lab differentiator: Web access to activities, audio hardware intercom, and key unique features.
What you get

You'll partner with a small and friendly company that is easy to work with. We offer exclusive access to all of our offerings, training, and support. You will benefit from our loyal partner program, with a focus on a one-partner strategy. Our unique support system will enlighten you and our mutual customers, and we offer a high margin to ensure profitability. 

Who we are

Education and language learning are very important to all of us, and between the 23 employees, we speak a combined 22 languages!
English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Czech, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Arabic ... just to name a few.

Yanick Demers
Malgorzata Patkowska Matczak
Business Development - Europe
Yves Martin
Regional Director - Europe
David Liew
Regional Director - Asia
Hannah Haase
Regional Director - U.S.A
Aldo Valdenegro
Regional Director - Latin America
Hannah Haase
Étienne Bouchard
President, CFO
Ashraf Salim
Regional Director - Middle East
Partnership with ICE Electronics Costa Rica - Israel Camacho

"Partnering with Robotel means being able to offer a solid platform, and working with a professional team in each are of the business relationship. It offers a very competitive profit margin and the relationship is one of trust, always supporting its partners."

Israel Camcho, ICE Electronics, Costa Rica

"We love working with Robotel because of their exceptional relationship-building and support. Not only are all employees excellent people, but they also stand behind and truly care about an outstanding product. Everyone at Robotel is willing to help and support all the time."

Tomas Cerba, BMK, Lithuania

Partnership with BMK Lithuania Tomas Cerba

Together we can go farther

Join our world-class network of trusted partners.