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Not just any teaching platform

  • Already created courses, structured content
  • Offer more speaking practice time at school and at home
  • Monitor and measure student growth
  • Significantly increase students’ overall language skills
SmartClass is not just any teaching platform for language teachers.
The SmartClass Teaching Platform helps schools, universities, and institutions offer engaging and immersive language classes, regardless of teaching model (in-person, hybrid, and remote).

School Benefits

  • Budget-friendly language teaching platform
  • Improve students' and school test scores
  • Progress monitoring for administrators, teachers, and students
  • Incorporate the latest in language teaching technology
  • Increase cultural awareness and students' decision-making skills
  • Show student growth within your school

  • Attract and engage students to foster a lasting connection to language learning

  • Empower your educators to empower their students

Teacher Benefits

  • Increase speaking and listening practice in the classroom and at home
  • Save time thanks to auto-graded activities
  • Choose and assign from thousands of pre-loadable activities (available in English, German, Spanish, and Arabic)

  • Build your own language learning activities for any language

  • Better understand your students' learning progress, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Give oral and/or written feedback to your students
  • Streamlined course and student management

  • Integrated grade book and progress monitoring tool

  • Leverage 20 activity templates to simulate testing conditions

Student Benefits

  • Listen to, repeat, compare, and evaluate their skills based on original native-speaker recordings
  • Be involved in and able to reflect on the learning process
  • Receive instant feedback on pronunciation and auto-graded activities
  • Request redo, get oral or written feedback from teachers, and learn from mistakes

  • Access activities from anywhere on any device

  • Gain exponential time practicing conversational skills at their own pace

How it works:

Create, modify or choose pre-loaded activities

Choose activities from our language courses (available in English, German, Spanish, and Arabic) or easily create your own activities by importing files or authoring them in our platform.

Assign activities to students

Have students complete the assigned activities using their smartphones, tablets, or computers at home or in class.

Review and grade

Half of our pre-loadable activities are automatically graded for you. You can leave additional oral and/or written feedback for those and all other speaking/writing assignments you need to grade.

Did you know ...

We also offer an integration with Google Classroom. Our SmartClass Integration is a simplified version of our original platform plus the EnglishSpanish, and German courses.

Find out more about integration

Take the digital path forward

Structured courses
It's easy to create content in any language you need and we offer courses in English, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

In class or at home
Accessible from any device (Mac, Windows, or Chrome) such as: smartphones, tablets, laptops, or regular desktops. All you need is an internet connection.

Progress monitoring
Monitor students' progress with the integrated gradebook and usage report. Nine auto-graded activity templates will save teachers time grading to focus on giving valuable feedback on speaking.

The platform is very useful for students with learning difficulties. The more experienced students can expand their vocabulary and communication skills. The platform encourages students to correct their mistakes and self-evaluate their skills. The platform encourages greater autonomy and personal reworking of what has been learned, in full respect of the time and learning styles of each.

School Director TVTC, Saudi Arabia

SmartClass Features


Double your students' learning outcomes with pre-loadable content


Personalize learning and motivate students with 20 different activity templates


Increase student fluency with AI-powered pronunciation


Track and measure student progress with our progress monitoring


Save time and engage students with auto-graded activities


Affordable and customizable to fit your needs

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