Let's talk! English - lessons & activities for ESL teachers

Turnkey courses and activities designed for ESL/EFL teachers

Let's Talk! English - ready to use lessons & activities for ESL teachers

What is Let's Talk! English?

Lindsey and Danielle, authors of Let’s Talk! English explain the program

A new way to teach English

With Let’s Talk! English, ESL/EFL teachers can simplify their course preparation using a variety of ready-to-use lessons and turnkey interactive exercises that help stimulate student learning.

Ready-to-use curriculum
and lessons

  • This curriculum covers the 5 CEFR skill levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).
  • Every level represents 80 to 100 hours of work for their students.
  • Lessons and activities included in each level are ready-to-use for the teachers.
  • Every chapter covers a specific theme with clearly defined learning objectives. Teachers receive guidance throughout the program (see how a chapter is structured).

2,000 turnkey, interactive

  • A wide range of activities is available: reading, pronunciation, writing, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Automatic evaluation is used in 80% of the activities to assist teachers with their workload.
  • Vocal recognition (AI) is integrated into pronunciation activities and enables students to practice their speaking skills more efficiently.
  • Teachers can choose to add personalized activities to their program.
“We took great care in designing these lessons and interactive activities to ensure that teachers find them easy-to-use and students find them fun to learn with".

Lindsey, author

Authentic language and situations are at the core of Let's Talk! English program
Objective 1
Encourage students to practice using different activities and assessment tools

Our program is focused on encouraging students to practice frequently, especially in developing their oral skills. A wide range of fun and exciting activities are available.

Objective 2
Familiarize students with the culture and the customs in English regions  

Using cultural introductions, cultural notes, and examples of daily life, teachers can encourage students to discover the customs and lifestyles of different regions.

Objective 3
Immerse students in an English environment daily

By following the daily lives of 4 students in the mid-western USA, your students will familiarize themselves with American English with a neutral accent. We have created a friendly and familiar environment in which students can feel at ease.

Objective 4
Entice students to express themselves spontaneously 

Every lesson, following a specific theme, starts with a set of vocabulary words.  Students practice these words during the lesson by completing different activities, enabling them to acquire the necessary vocabulary to express themselves spontaneously.

Teacher's handbook

We have created a teacher’s handbook for each level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) that allows teachers to follow the program easily and step-by-step, and to choose the interactive activities for their students to practice (the answers are also available in this guide).

We have made it a point to design a guide that is clear, easy-to-use and visually pleasing.

Books LET'S TALK ENGLISH for ESL teachers
Let's Talk! English is easy to use for teachers
Step 1

Using the guide, a teacher selects the activities
they want to assign to their students.

choisir l'exercice dans le manuel Let's Talk english
selection exercice ordinateur
Step 2

Using the media library, a teacher chooses the folder containing the required activity and assigns it to their students.

Let’s Talk! English is designed for use with our Let’s Talk! activity management platform or our SmartClass+ language lab platform.

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