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SmartClass HUB: Language Teaching Platform

SmartClass HUB is the core of our platform.

With the HUB, language teachers can create tailored interactive activities, assign them to their students, and grade them quickly.

👍 No more passive language learning: teachers provide students a unique, innovative, and effective learning experience using any device in any location at any time.

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& easy

Our artificial intelligence functionality automatically grades pronunciation exercises and provides instant feedback to students.

from Anywhere

With SmartClass HUB, teachers can teach and students can learn inside and outside the classroom.


Our pricing allows teachers to deliver authentic interactive learning opportunities to their students.

SmartClass HUB in 3 steps

Our language teaching platform is intuitive and easy to use for language teachers.
Here is a brief overview of how our platform works.




Create tailored, interactive activities

Design your own assignments by importing files (video, audio, PDF, photo) and choosing any of the 20 predefined activity templates (reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation, and more). Learn more about our activities.


Digital language teaching platform


 best online teaching platform



Assign activities to your students

  • Choose the activities to be made accessible to your students.
  • Students connect to their private workspaces using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Instantly assess and grade student's work

Once a student completes their assignment, teachers can grade their work and provide oral or written feedback for each student.

Automatic grading included in 50% of our activities.


online language teaching platforms


A variety of exercise templates

With SmartClass HUB, teachers can access 20 predefined assignment templates and create fun, tailor-made activities for their students. Discover our types of  activities. 

Online teaching platforms


Continuous Recording Example-1


Image Match Example


online language teaching platforms -Pronunciation activity


online language teaching platforms - Sentence Jumble Example


Online teaching platforms - SmartClass - Robotel


Online teaching platforms - SmartClass - Robotel


online language teaching platforms- Pronunciation activity


Watch our replayed webinar to learn more about our Language teaching platform


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The benefits

For teachers

For teachers

SmartClass HUB provides a more simple way to manage students, activities, and grading. Everything is accessible from one place.

For students

For students

  • They boost their confidence in listening, speaking, reading, writing. 
  • They are motivated to learn thanks to fun and challenging activities.
For schools

For schools

SmartClass HUB enables schools to deliver a quality modern language program that corresponds to the needs of teachers and students.

Do you want to save time preparing your course? Check out our 5,000 ready-to-use digital activities
  • Digital activities available in English, Spanish, and German.
  • Activities compatible with our SmartClass HUB platform.

👍 No more stressing out to find challenging activities for your class. Everything you need is available at the click of a button.

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