Robotel - Let's Talk! - activity platform for language teachers

Activity Management platform designed for Language teachers

With the Let’s Talk! platform, language teachers can create personalized interactive activities, assign them to their students and grade them quickly. Teachers provide students a unique, innovative and effective learning experience using any device, in any location at any time.

Lets-talk-activity management platform

Innovative Technology

Our artificial intelligence (AI) functionality automatically grades pronunciation exercises and provides instant feedback to students.

Accessible from Anywhere

Let’s Talk! is accessible via the cloud and enables teachers to manage their classes from their office or from their home.

Affordable subscription pricing

Our affordable subscription allows teachers to deliver authentic interactive learning opportunities to their students.

Let's Talk! in 3 steps

Let’s Talk! is intuitive and easy to use for language teachers.
Here is a brief overview of how our platform works.


Design your own assignments by importing files (video, audio, PDF, photo) and choosing any of the 20 predefined activity templates (reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation and more).

  1. Choose the activities to be made accessible to your students.

  2. Students connect to their private workspaces using their smartphone, tablet or computer.


Once a student completes their assignment, teachers can grade their work and provide oral or written feedback for each student.

Automatic grading included in 80% of our activities.

The Let’s Talk! Advantage:
Enables students to speak using artificial intelligence (AI)

We integrated artificial intelligence (AI) in our pronunciation activities to enliven students’ practice sessions.

How does it work?

The student listens to a sentence then repeats it. Our software automatically grades their pronunciation using voice recognition and displays a text-based interpretation of their recording for visual feedback.

The student can repeat the sentence as many times as they wish thereby improving their score and their pronunciation without any judgment.

A variety of exercise templates

With Let’s Talk! teachers can access 20 predefined assignment templates and create fun, tailor-made activities for their students.

The Let’s Talk! Advantage

For teachers

Let’s Talk! provides a more simple way to manage students, activities, and grading. Everything is accessible from one place.

For students

Provides 24/7 access to exercises from any device (Smartphone, tablet, computer). Let’s Talk! adapts to the lifestyle of today’s youth.

For schools

Let’s Talk! enables schools to deliver a quality modern languages program that corresponds to the needs of teachers and students.

Available as an option
for English teachers

We designed a comprehensive program (CEFR proficiency levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1) for teachers of ESL or EFL that comprises more than 2,000 ready-to-use interactive activities compatible with our Let’s Talk! platform.

Let's Talk! English - ready to use lessons & activities for ESL teachers

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