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20 different activity templates

  • AI-powered pronunciation 
  • 10 auto-graded templates
  • 4 different speaking templates
  • 2 writing templates
  • 1 video recording template
Choose among our 20 different SmartClass activity templates to create masterful activities with a speaking focus.
Choose among our 20 different SmartClass activity templates to create masterful activities with a speaking focus.

Engage your students

All of SmartClass' curricula take advantage of the 20 different activity types that are possible within the SmartClass Teaching Platform.

Language teachers save time when using SmartClass templates and auto-graded activities.

Save time grading

Create engaging activities for your students and have the platform grade most of them for you. Not only will it save time, but it will also refocus your time on providing valuable feedback to your students on their speaking and writing assignments. 


Increase speaking time

Double your students' overall learning growth and increase their speaking time, inside and outside the classroom. With many speaking-focused templates, your students will be able to record, rerecord, listen to themselves, and master the foreign language more rapidly and with greater success

"As a project manager, I wanted to use a reliable solution having an easy user interface and excellent audio quality – primarily for the language teachers, who are frequent users of the multimedia classrooms …

Mr. Roland Charlou, Computer and New Technologies Director Conseil Générale de la Loire Atlantique

Auto-graded activities

SmartClass pronunciation activities encourage listening and recording to receive instant feedback.


Enhance students' skills through the power of repetition with this engaging activity. Listen, record, and receive instant feedback. It empowers students to persistently practice until they master their skills.

The SmartClass multiple choice activity is can be as easy as true or false or more complex.

Multiple Choice

Create a unique and engaging activity that is just as simple to make as it is to earn a grade. Customize it to your liking, whether you prefer a straightforward true or false format or a more complex array of answers.

SmartClass fill-in-the-blank activity where teachers decide if students speak or type in the answers.


Unleash your creativity with the power of Fill-in-the-Blanks. This activity knows no bounds - you can draw inspiration from anything. Whether it's a concise or elaborate response, it will depend on the students' level. Even better, you can now decide whether you want students to speak or type in the answers.

The SmartClass jumble activity is perfect for novice or beginner learners to speak a foreign language.

Letter Jumble

The jumble activities are perfect for novices and provide an enjoyable experience much like playing a game rather than taking a quiz.

The SmartClass word jumble activity can help student that struggle with sentence structure.

Word Jumble

Students often struggle with sentence structure, but understanding the correct order can greatly improve their writing skills and increase the level of difficulty they can handle.

The SmartClass sentence jumble helps students grasp the chronological progression of the narrative.

Sentence Jumble

The sentence jumble serves as a powerful tool for students to effectively grasp the chronological progression of the narrative within their minds.

The SmartClass text match activity helps students connect foreign words with ease.

Text Match

Match activities are highly effective for language learning. These engaging matching activities can greatly enhance the simplicity of the learning process by utilizing various stimuli.

The SmartClass image match activity helps students visually by using diverse stimuli.

Image Match

Not all students possess the same level of visual acuity. Incorporating diverse stimuli not only enhances the level of challenge, but uses images can contribute to their growth.

The SmartClass category match activity helps improve student comprehension.

Category Match

Enhance students' learning experience by setting a timer. These well-designed category matches not only improve student listening skills but also boost their comprehension abilities.

Speaking and writing activities

Open Recording-2

Video Recording

This video open recording is great for presentations or to ask students to role play or pretend to be someone else, such as this weather person.

The SmartClass open text activity helps students explore endless opportunities to discuss a topic.

Open Text

Students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, captivating images, mesmerizing audio files, and captivating videos. Let your mind wander freely and embrace the endless possibilities that await.

The SmartClass question and answer activity helps students to freely express their answers.

Question and Answer

A simple yet effective template for engaging students in thought-provoking questions and to freely express their answers. This innovative approach requires the teacher's guidance for correction and improvement.

The SmartClass open recording activity stimulates free-flowing commentary on images, audio, or videos.

Open Recording

This activity will capture thoughts and expressions as students record their captivating descriptions or free-flowing commentary on images, audio, or videos.
Read more about Open Recordings

The SmartClass continuous recording activity helps students express their thoughts within a designated time frame.

Continuous Recording

As students watch a video, they have the opportunity to express their thoughts within a designated time frame. Teachers establish the parameters for this creative process. Read more about Continuous Recordings

The SmartClass segmented recording activity help to improve listening and recording skills.

Segmented Recording

Here's another engaging activity where the teacher takes the reins. The students immerse themselves in the process of listening and recording and keep going until the activity is completed. Read more about Segmented Recordings

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