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Transform  your language teaching with SmartClass

Digital platform + language lab + structured courses =
innovative and engaging language teaching


Introducing the
new SmartClass Version 7

Discover the new release of SmartClass version 7 and experience first-hand how it makes language teaching that much easier with:

  • modernized interface of our platform for a smoother user experience.
  • unlimited student redos that give students endless opportunities to enhance their comprehension and master the language.
  • AI-powered fill-in-the-blank activities that save time and give instant, auto-graded feedback on pronunciation.
  • faster launch of learning activities in the software version.

Your choice of SmartClass products

Teaching Platform

The SmartClass Teaching Platform helps schools, universities, and institutions offer engaging and immersive language classes on any device, regardless of teaching model (in-person, hybrid, and online).

Start teaching with SmartClass:

  • Personalize learning and engage students
  • Increase fluency with AI-powered pronunciation
  • Double your students' learning outcomes
  • Increase students' speaking time in class and at home
  • Track and measure student growth and progress
  • Save time with auto-graded activities
  • Bring your own device
Teaching Platform

Language Lab

The SmartClass Language Lab offers an effective and unique language learning space in a school/classroom setting.


Our language lab includes:

  • Increased speaking practice for students
  • Pairing and grouping to foster organic interactions
  • Simultaneous testing and recording 
  • Engaging activities that motivate students
  • Auto-graded curricula that save teachers' time
  • Clear sound quality and full control for teachers

Language Lab

This is the first language lab that the UCR will be hosting in the cloud, a solution that will allow students to improve their command of the languages they are learning. Among the languages included in the program are English, Italian, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese and Korean.

Allen Quesada, Chair of the School of Modern Languages Universidad de Costa Rica

I highly recommend the Robotel SmartClass language lab software, which we have been using for several years at our college. This past year, I had the pleasure to use the system for the first time. The system is very easy to learn, and I was both comfortable and productive after only 2 hours of training! The user interface is simple and effective. My students find it instinctive and benefit both from working together in pairs or tripples, and from working independently – each at his own speed.

Sara Potten, English Teacher Institute Universitaire de Technologie Cergy-Pontoise, France

Language Curricula

Pre-loadable curricula

Enhance your language teaching even more by using our SmartClass Curricula. We offer structured courses for English, German, Spanish, and Arabic, that can be integrated into our SmartClass Teaching Platform and Language Lab.

  • Includes over 5,800 online digital activities
  • Focuses on listening and speaking practice
  • 50% of activities are auto graded

More than 10,000 schools in over 90 countries

Robotel is an international company with more than 39 years of experience. We pride ourselves as leaders in the field of language teaching. Our digital solutions have been transformative for many schools and universities around the globe.

SmartClass Benefits

Autograded activities and instant feedback
With 20 activity templates, students will stay motivated. Ten activity templates are auto-graded which gives students immediate feedback to reflect on their learning and progress. It also leaves more time for teachers to grade the activities that need their expertise.

A complete solution to fit your needs
Add SmartClass Curricula in four languages, or convert your classroom into a modern language lab by adding the SmartClass Language Lab features for in-class activities such as presentations, monitoring students' work, and partner or group conversations.

Double your students' learning
Significantly increase speaking practice using audio and video recordings, as well as AI-based pronunciation exercises.


Did you know ...

We also offer an integration with Google Classroom. Our SmartClass Integration is a simplified version of our original platform plus the EnglishSpanish, and German courses.

Find out more about integration

"Vanessa uses SmartClass for a phonetics and pronunciation class at the University of Iceland. She loves that her students can work independently on assignments and get initial feedback from the platform."

Vanessa Isenmann German Teacher, Iceland

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Robotel Team - Group Photo 2023