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A leader in language education

A leader in language education

More than 10,000 clients in 89 countries

More than 10,000 clients in 89 countries

An international company with more than 35 years of experience

An international company with more than 35 years of experience

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Let's Talk! English

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Let's Talk!

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For language teachers


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Services – a Complete Solution


Robotel does not just deliver products: We provide complete solutions covering all aspects of service and support from initial project consultation through to lifetime service and ongoing product improvement.

We work with your teachers to provide training & professional development; we work with your IT folks to ensure seamless integration with school servers & networks; we work with your school administration to manage expectations and set realistic budgets; and we work with your district administration to ensure that our solutions are both configured and optimized for use across multiple schools within the region.  In short, we ensure that you have a complete language learning center solution.

Support services for Robotel products include:

  • Project consultation
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Continuous improvement

Our professional training staff and our expert technical support personnel are continually receiving outstanding feedback for the work they do for our clients.

Client Testimonials

Robotel is a global provider of language teaching solutions.    We have thousands of installations that include many of the world’s most prestigious schools, several corporate training departments and a broad range of government & military training facilities.

That being said the majority of our clients are lesser known teaching institutions that really appreciate the importance that learning more than one language will have for today’s students and tomorrow’s captains of industry, services and the arts.   Our clients also understand that the teaching tools & technology we provide are helping them to realize their language teaching goals, improve their students’ fluency and improve their teachers’ productivity and job satisfaction.

We are proud to be able to share a few comments from outstanding educators who are using our solutions on a day-to-day basis, and who have taken the care and the time to record their experiences with Robotel personnel and Robotel products. We thank these clients for their enthusiasm and kind words.

Here are just a few examples of the feedback that our clients are providing:

International University Of Grand Bassam
In March 2015 after I had looked at different Labs, I decided to purchase the Lab of ROBOTEL we are currently using. It has been up and running for the passed four years. It is user-friendly, high tech and solid. Teachers and learners like using it. So far, we have not asked for any after sales service. The ROBOTEL team I had to deal with is available and reliable. (written on July 30, 2019)

East Windsor Regional School District
"I am very excited about our new SmartClass+ language lab. I have been using the lab for 3 different levels & classes and everything works perfectly!

I had students run several different self-access activities: The new pronunciation feature is so cool!  I also had the students do several classwork activities – including individual APâ practice sessions, interpretive listening and guided dialog work using random pairing with recording. The audio quality is excellent: Students now enjoy talking in class. They are not afraid to speak anymore.

Thank you so much to your technical team for helping our IT group make this happen!"

East Windsor Regional School District 

Ms. Candice O. Bland 

District Supervisor of Bilingual, ESL & World Languages K-12

East Windsor Regional School District 

I’ve been using SmartClass+ for our AP exams the last few years and really like how easy it is to administer for our proctors. I also like the SC+ WiFi capabilities.

Chris Carey,
Technology Coordinator,
Bellarmine College Preparatory,
San Jose, CA, USA

The software is good for learning and teaching, easy to use, especially motivating students.

Ms. Huyen,
English Teacher,
Vietnam Korea Friendship Information Technology College,
Da Nang, Vietnam

As a teacher who is always trying to bring the best learning experience to my students, SmartClass+ is my good companion because of its simple but powerful tools in creating rich, interesting lessons. The pairing/group activity function has provided every student chances to raise their voice and to be heard in every lesson. With SmartClass+, my students are now becoming more engaged, more encouraged, more excited to speak up.

Ms. Van,
Lecturer in English,
Saigon University,
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

SmartClass enjoyed an immediate adoption by trainers. They use it much more than the previous system. On top, trainees have shown a high level of satisfaction with it. We are entirely satisfied with SmartClass: It delivers impeccable video quality transfer in high definition, in a Windows environment as well as an Apple Mac OS X environment.

Mr. Jean-Bernard Deluz,
Quality Assurance Manager,
Geneva, Switzerland

As project manager, I wanted to use a reliable solution having an easy user interface and excellent audio quality – primarily for the language teachers, who are frequent users of the multimedia classrooms. …We see a very high room usage and teachers are enthusiastic.

Mr. Roland Charlou,
Manager of College Support,
Computer and New Technologies Directorate,
Conseil Générale de la Loire Atlantique,
Nantes, France

I have been using SmartClass for three years now and it has changed the way I teach and the way my students learn. Teaching today’s high school students can be extremely difficult because they want everything now. With the SmartClass software, I am able to provide almost a 1-on-1 type atmosphere in my classroom. The comprehension is faster and the lectures are shorter. I would never want to teach anything on or about computers without the use of the SmartClass software.

Eric Barge,
College Tech Prep Computer Aided Drafting & Design Instructor,
Springfield Clark CTC,
Springfield, OH, USA

The language department teachers really appreciate the simplicity of the classroom control interface. Amongst the younger teachers, the possibilities of creating student activities for use in the classroom and on-line is very exciting.

Daniel Barbeau, Coordonnateur,
Languages Department,
Cégep de Trois-Rivières,
Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada

The College “Profr. Serafin Peña” from Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, México acquired a SmartClass language lab in order to contribute to the development of communicative and linguistic competence of future teachers, for the quality of its technical and pedagogical support, as well as the price competitiveness.

Professor Gilberto Rodriguez Marin,
Director of Strategic Planning and Certification,
College Profr. Serafin Peña,
Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, México

Robotel has helped make switching platforms [from our previous language learning system] as smooth as possible thanks to the user-friendly interfaces in SmartClass+ and the excellent service we’ve received.

Rachel Tunnicliffe, Teacher,
Modern Languages Department,
Collège Mérici,
Québec, QC, Canada

Robotel is a great way to enable the students to practice their auditory, comprehension and speaking skills. The [SmartClass+] program allows the teacher to pair students so that they can work together, and for the teacher to listen and chat with them as well. There are so many components to this program that just about anything that would help to ameliorate the skills of the student can be found through Robotel.

Donna Ratner, Spanish Teacher,
Hightstown High School,
East Windsor Regional Schools,
Hightstown, NJ, USA

Our instructors find the Robotel system to be flexible and easy to use, and it has been invaluable in both in-class practice and formative program assessment.

Dr. Michael Sawyer,
Modern Languages Department Chair,
University of Central Missouri,
Warrensburg, MO, USA

Robotel has given us the best technical support we’ve ever had. Their staff is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. Through their remote system, they take over the lab within seconds to make any necessary adjustments. Their training, both on-site and online, is customized to meet teachers’ needs.

Laura de Toledo,
Spanish Teacher,
The Chapin School,
New York, NY, USA

I recommend Robotel systems for language class delivering.  At the Toronto French School, we started using this software and technology in March 2013 when we decided to update our old recording system of cassettes and radios in our Language Lab and Resource Center.  After searching the market for nearly three months, comparing and testing different audio systems, Robotel software was best for our needs.  Other digital systems were difficult to understand and follow, while Robotel is a hands-on, easy to use, and practical system – not to mention at a very competitive price.

Guillermo Galvan Goo,
Language Lab and Resource Center,
TFS - Canada's International School
Toronto, ON, Canada

I highly recommend the Robotel SmartClass+ language lab software, which we have been using for several years at our college.  This past year, I had the pleasure to use the system for the first time.   The system is very easy to learn, and I was both comfortable and productive after only 2 hours of training!   The user interface is simple and effective. My students find it instinctive and benefit both from working together in pairs or triples, and from working independently – each at his own speed.

The Robotel team is professional and works very closely with their clients.  Their support and availability has been very effective in helping me to become a proficient system user.

Sara Potten
English Teacher
Transport & Logistics Management Department
Institute Universitaire de Technologie

Mountain Top University
I am a Professor of English at Mountain Top University which I joined in 2015. I had encountered the Robotel Smartclass at the University but it was not until I fully supervised its installation in our Language Laboratory that I appreciate its quality. This point was underscored by the National Universities' Commission Team that came for Accreditation exercise in my University. Of course, my Department was accorded FULL Accreditation due largely to the role of the Language Laboratory powered by the Robotel SmartClass+.

About Robotel

Robotel Inc. is a global leader in educational technology.  We develop, manufacture, and market language teaching platforms that are used in K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

We are a technology company that brings the benefits of modern technologies like cloud-hosting, artificial intelligence and human factors to educators.

Robotel is the story of two partners who founded the company in a proverbial garage in 1984.  Over the last three and a half decades, our business has grown significantly to the point where we now have installations in more than 89 countries around the globe.

We have been working with teachers for many years, and now employ several former teachers on our staff to help us improve the usability of our language lab platforms and to help us develop world-class language courses that capitalize on the synergy between “technology” and “content”.

  • 89 countries
  • 10 000 installations
  • 35 years