Language Lab Platform

An award-winning digital language lab platform designed for language teachers.

Our SmartClass+ language lab : a complete solution for all language teachers

language lab smartclass+ used by students

With our SmartClass+ language lab platform:

  • Language teachers create dynamic, active and effective programs through a blend of classroom and self-study language activities.
  • Students have many opportunities to develop their communication skills and fluency in class and at home. 

SmartClass+ amplifies student speaking practice by 10X.

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What you will find in our SmartClass+ solution

Classroom activities

Our classroom activities facilitate student interaction with their teacher and classmates. 

During the class, the language teacher can:

  • assign students to pairs or small groups;
  • run and record live testing practices;
  • choose individual students to make class presentations;
  • work one-on-one with individual students.

A media library platform

From their office or from their homes, language teachers can:

  • create their self-study activities, 
  • assign these activities to students for in-class work or for homework;
  • review and grade student responses (they can provide written and/or oral feedback for individual students).

Predefined templates

With our predefined activity templates, language teachers can build self-studies activities (speaking, listening, writing, and reading activities).

Engage and motivate your students with fun activities such as:

  • Pronunciation activities:  students enhance their pronunciation skills through AI-based activities.
  • Quizzes: true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blanks quizzes. 
  • Matching activities: text matching, image matching and category matching.  
  • Jumbling activities: sentence jumbling, word jumbling and letter jumbling.  

All these types of activities are auto-graded by the software.

Yanick Demers - Robotel CEO

«Educators have been using our teaching platforms to improve student language skills for more than 30 years»

Yanick Demers
Robotel's CEO

The professional services we offer

With our SmartClass+ language lab platform, we provide a complete service from initial project consultation through technical support and pedagogical support (service available in all continents in many languages).

services Smartclass+

Project consultation

We work with your school’s language teachers, IT staff, administrative personnel, and district personnel up-front to:

  • Identify expectations for your new language lab system.
  • Configure an optimal solution for your language teaching needs and for your budget. 
  • Ensure smooth integration with existing school networks and computing systems.
  • Draft a training plan for your teachers and first-line technical support staff.
  • Identify a maintenance plan that best meets your needs for lifetime service and continual product upgrades.

Technical support

Our technical support team is accessible by telephone or email to schedule system installation, manage the roll-out of product updates or respond to unplanned emergencies that impact the smooth operation of your system.

Our support staff provide quick and cost-effective solutions using remote screen sharing and video conferencing technologies.

On-site visits can also be scheduled when and where necessary.

Pierre de Robotel
Our train staff Erin and Veronica

Pedagogical support

We provide professional development for your teaching staff using a combination of remote and on-site training.

Our training staff are experienced SmartClass+ users and understand the needs of your language teaching staff.

Robotel has training staff in the central USA (Erin) and in the rest of the word (Veronika).

Smartclass+ Advantages

Language lab SmartClass Plus

Flexible system configuration

Our software is typically integrated with existing school networks and servers. Both wired and wireless (WiFi) networks are supported.

headsets smartclass+

Noise-cancelling headsets provided

Our headsets isolate students from ambient room noise. They capture the local student’s voice and block the voices of other students who are working close by.