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Webinars SmartClass

Webinar 1: Overview

Webinar 1

Discover the powerful & fun platform: SmartClass

In this webinar, Fabian presents the SmartClass platform specially designed for teaching languages. Fabian shows how the platform works and how it can provide language students with an innovative and effective learning experience.

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Webinar 2: Create & Assign

Webinar 2

Start to teach and create activities with SmartClass

In this webinar, Lindsey Klein dives deeper into SmartClass and shows you how she designs a class lesson. She presents how to record lectures, create activities with easy-to-use templates, assign activities, and then grade students’ work all in one place.

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Webinar 3: Dive deeper

webinar candice

Explore the ideal program for L2 Learning

In this webinar, Candice Bland takes a deep dive into the best L2 platform that is unique to all of the forced software that really never suited the unique instructional needs for L2 acquisition. Attend this webinar and finally stumble across a program that is ideal for L2 learning and L2 instructional best practices.

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